David Bashevkin


Once a Jew, always a Jew? Explore the foundation of what makes us Jewish and whether that identity can ever be lost.... Read more

When Leaders Fail

Say it ain’t so, Rabbi Joe. Religious disappointment can feel like the rug of your religious identity has been pulled from underneath you. Explore why some religious leaders fail and explore how we can respond with resilience.... Read more

Alternative History

What if? What if we chose a different career, what if we chose a different spouse, what if the Portland Trailblazers selected Michael Jordan in the 1984 NBA draft? Explore the signficance of the question we often whisper but always ask: What if our collective and personal history was different.... Read more

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What makes us human? The past several decades have seen the very fabric and definition of humanity being challenges in unprecdeted ways. Explore the nature of what makes us human through the lens of the creation story of mankind.... Read more